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Welcome to Working Together

Welcome to Working Together, an initiative of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada and Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada. There are three different ways to interact with the information in this online manual:

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My Planning KitIn addition to providing you with different ways to find the information you need about establishing and growing Big Brothers Big Sisters and Boys and Girls Club agencies in your community, the site also features My Planning Kit, a special section designed to help you get the most out of working through the online information. Every time you click on the "Add to My Planning Kit" icon, you will be able to download various worksheets and checklists that correspond to the material being presented in each chapter. Click here to download the entire planning kit package (1.5 MB).

Thank you for for your interest in how these programs can enrich your community. This manual is here to help. Good luck!


My Planning Kit

An Outline of the Workbook
Part 1
Thinking About New Programs

Chapter 1: Getting Started With A Dream

Chapter 2: Developing Big Brothers Big Sisters And Boys And Girls Clubs Programs

Chapter 3: Taking A Deeper Community Approach

Chapter 4: Key Considerations For Big Brothers Big Sisters Programs And Boys And Girls Clubs Working Together
Part 2
Thinking About Program Sustainability

Chapter 5: Planning For Program Sustainability

Chapter 6: Planning For An Organizational Home
Part 3
Thinking About Organizational Sustainability

Chapter 7: Organizational Sustainability
Part 4
Thinking About Partnering And Merging

Chapter 8: Working Together

Chapter 9: Deep Partnering And Merger Processes
This project is funded in whole by the Government of Canada